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Ep. 117 “Singing Vowels & Formants”

Sunday, May 2, 2021 Ep. 117 “Singing Vowels & Formants”

Terms like “harmonics” and “formants” can be very confusing. But they can also revolutionize your singing voice! Join Voice Teacher Justin Stoney of New York Vocal Coaching as we explore how formants, harmonics, and vowels can make your singing journey resound with possibilities.
Ep. 116 “Singing That FEELS Good!”

Miss this one? Ep. 116 “Singing That FEELS Good!”

Singers often complain of vocal tension, pain, or strain. There’s got to be an easier way! And there is! In Ep. 116 Voice Teacher Justin Stoney of New York Vocal Coaching provides exercises and strategies that will leave your singing feeling better than ever.
Ep. 115 "Find Your Mix Voice" Part 2

Recently on VLTTW Ep. 115 "Find Your Mix Voice" Part 2

We're back with Part TWO of "Find Your Mix Voice"! Join us as Voice Teacher Justin Stoney takes us through the last 4 steps of developing that ultimate Mix Voice you've always dreamed of having!
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The Voice Lessons To The World Vocal Course

The Voice Lessons To The World Vocal Course is an all-original singing resource created by internationally-renowned voice teacher Justin Stoney and New York Vocal Coaching Inc. This 12-Part Vocal Course takes you on a singing journey from Beginner to Intermediate to Advanced to Master. It features over 10+ hours of content, hundreds of vocal exercises, video & audio, and more. It's almost like taking lessons with Justin Stoney, except at your own pace and wherever you are!

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