I have now worked with Justin Stoney on two separate projects… In both instances, through his masterful and thoroughly exhilarating technique, I felt I transitioned from “insecure, hopeless, frustrated and strained” to confident, free and relaxed! Justin understands not only the voice and breathing, but acting and sustainable technique. I'm thankful I now have a vocal coach for life.

Tony Shalhoub

Tony Shalhoub Tony Award Winner The Band's Visit Emmy, Golden Globe, and Screen Actors Guild Award Winner Television, Film, and Broadway Star

Justin and his colleagues are doing amazing work at New York Vocal Coaching. Performers of all levels can develop the skills they need in a truly safe, supportive, and nurturing atmosphere… the technique that Justin teaches provides a solid foundation that really opens up the voice to express itself freely and effortlessly. I highly recommend Justin and his team to any and everyone who wants to sing and reach their full potential.

Randy Skinner

Randy Skinner Four-Time Tony Award Nominee Three-Time Drama Desk Award Nominee Director & Choreographer

The results I've seen from performers who have worked with Justin have been remarkable. He enthusiastically and joyfully helps others to attain the results that have long escaped them working with other coaches or in acting and singing classes. I recommend him to actors, singers, and dancers of all ages and skill levels without qualification.

Barry Moss

Barry Moss Legendary casting director for over 100 Broadway shows including Nine, Children of a Lesser God, 42nd Street, Titanic, Crazy For You, Broadway revivals including West Side Story, Camelot, My Fair Lady, Sweeney Todd, Show Boat, and TV shows like The Cosby Show & A Different World

Justin is a fantastic teacher. Working with him has given me more confidence, expanded my range, and gotten me through months of touring - sometimes doing multiple shows a day. His knowledge and clarity about the physicality of singing would be a great benefit to singers in any genre. And, his lessons are actually fun!

Kevin Bacon

Kevin Bacon Actor, Musician The Bacon Brothers Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Award Winner Film, Television, and Music Star

I'm a beginner singer and you have been my one and only inspiration to continue! Thanks Justin!

Hector M. VLTTW Vocal Course User

You have already taught me more than my year of private lessons in 2006... I will recommend to anyone who is looking for great vocal instruction.

Wch VLTTW Vocal Course User

These videos are changing my life.

Wolfmoss VLTTW Vocal Course User

I am a 60 year-old retired male beginner. I have wanted to sing all my life and have NEVER sang in front of anyone. I play guitar and have an ear for music. I had watched hundreds of videos online, and then I found Justin… He has convinced me I can, with hard work and dedication, find my voice.

Michael B. VLTTW Vocal Course User

Justin's not only a great teacher technically, he gives the emotional support that's crucial for people like me. All it takes is a willing suspension of disbelief for the 'student' to feel like Justin's saying, “awesome work!” to him or her alone. It's great that somehow that magic works! The other thing I like is the actual practice Justin has his audience do. His lessons make me want to try out what he's talking about, right then and there… It's a pleasure to have that chance in real time.

Rose F. VLTTW Vocal Course User

Thank You for the course. From what I have experience so far with your vocal course and NYVC in general I have nothing but good things to say about your approach and your team members. I am a beginner singer but I simply feel better singing and I feel that the simple vocal exercises are and will become a part of my daily routine. I had a funny moment today, I was doing beginner 2 exercise - “WOH” on 123454321 and right when my “WOH” turned into “WAAH” you said keep the “O” round and I fixed it back to “WOH”. So even if it is a digital course and we are not actually working live one on one it helps me.

Mikus L. VLTTW Vocal Course User

I would like to thank Justin Stoney for all his hard work and effort into putting together both the free public lessons and the brilliant Voice Lessons To The World full vocal course for everyone to benefit massively from. The knowledge and information that is at everybody's fingertips is overwhelming. If you think the free public lessons are awesome, you should see what's in store with the full vocal course. It starts off with the basics and slowly begins to work on every aspect of the voice up to master level. I've never had access to so many amazing exercises in one place. It is knowledge that will seriously propel your singing capabilities. For me, it already did that in the first week of getting stuck in!

I've always enjoyed singing from a young age, I didn't take it seriously until I was around 20 years old and I became a front man for a band. From then on, with a job that would see me traveling around my home county, I would be singing daily in order to try and improve. I have to admit, it has been a very slow process taking me years even though I would sing so much. Proper techniques don't always come naturally as I've found out myself and guidance is sometimes the only and best policy in order to improve. I have had 2 singing tutors during my time taking singing seriously. One was a very operatic style of singing tutor and ultimately didn't help so much as it was different to contemporary singing or at least it was too opposite to the style I wanted to improve on. However, the second tutor had high level qualifications for contemporary singing.

I had a handful of lessons from her and I did improve a lot. My vocal range got higher, techniques that helped me a lot were introduced and even to this day those lessons still help. The only real criticism from those lessons was that I didn't really get much in the way of exercises to practice when I was at home. This is where Justin's course puts a large mountain on top of a hole. This would have been an extremely powerful combination back then.

I had been toying with buying the full course for quite a while, I wasn't sure if it would be worth it or not. Thinking about how much those lessons cost me back then, and they certainly were not cheap, the cost of it really didn't seem that much and the information Justin claimed was in the course backed up my decision even more so. I decided enough waiting, it was time to see what was in store. I couldn't have made a better decision! The exercises that I was lacking, were all in the course and tenfold. Breath support, chest voice, mix, chest mix, straight tone just as important as vibrato, falsetto styles and increasing range, larynx control, compression, you name it, it's all in there. I even get to feel that my stomach muscles have had a bit of a physical workout after I finish a series of exercises when they are done properly, further strengthening the vocals. With parts in the video course that give you the odd chuckle here and there it's an all around great course with many great challenges. It is definitely a huge resource for singers from all stages who would benefit massively from it. Paired up with a good local teacher, you're good to go!

Steve Killingback VLTTW Vocal Course User

In situations in which the Internet is the only resource available to learn from, it's a breath of fresh air to see a group of such passionate people as those of NYVC working to make personal visions and aspirations come true. Every day, I tune into VLLTW on the bus ride home, and as soon as I get into the house, I make the most out of the little time I have to myself to practice my newfound knowledge. Your team has kept my passion alive with the help and kindness you've extended to me, and I just felt you should know that the impact of your work is real and beautiful!

Tristan E. VLTTW Vocal Course User

I’ll be honest… I was on the fence at first when I was going to purchase your course. I have spent so much time and money and have gotten only small or no results. I told myself that I was not going to spend anymore money on vocal courses. I purchased so many other courses over the years. I am being honest from the bottom of my heart. Your course offered me so much understanding and knowledge than any of those courses have ever been able to teach me. You are the first vocal coach that talks about a raised tongue and nose resonance. I always sounded flat or off key; nasal sounding… I never knew why until I saw your YouTube video. You were offering something that no one else has shown me – I was sold! And it’s not just me… Others are noticing my progress! That says everything.

Lou T. VLTTW Vocal Course User

I have viewed hundreds of vocal tips clips, purchased loads of singing lessons, and spent two and a half years following different exercises for hours with very little results. Let me tell you folks, no one is like Justin. I have only been doing his course for four weeks and I have already noticed a huge difference in my voice. The whole experience has been an eye opener, and his words are pure gold. What a great teacher.

Dudu R. VLTTW Vocal Course User

Having found just by chance Justin's videos on YouTube I was so impressed by the way he taught that I knew I had to buy his course.

Sheila A. VLTTW Vocal Course User

Music and singing have always remained important to me but it wasn't until two years ago that I finally started taking singing lessons (at the ripe old age of 62). Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks?!!I was fortunate to find a fantastic voice teacher who has taken my voice way beyond what I thought it could do in that time. Even so, I also feel fortunate to have stumbled across your VLTTW Lessons on YouTube. Your lessons and exercises are an excellent supplement to what she is teaching me. They fill in the gaps in my understanding and round out the concepts I am learning from her. You are also a wonderful coach who keeps me from being discouraged with how far I have yet to go - and to keep that joy and passion for singing, as you always say. It is now part of my practice routine to actively view at least two of your lessons a week. Thank you for your generosity in sharing your knowledge and love of singing with “the world”.

Gary S. VLTTW Vocal Course User

Thanks to Justin and the rest of the staff @ VLTTW, the vocal chord inflammation, excessive volume while ascending in pitch, and improper breath support I was experiencing is gone. After watching Justin's free voice lessons on YouTube, I began incorporating his wonderful voice building techniques into my practice routine. Within 1 week all of my vocal problems disappeared :-) I am now well on my way to recording the 48 parody songs I have been wanting to sing properly for over a year. Thanks guys. I'd have vocal nodules by now if it wasn't for you. Cheers...Joseph Keefe.

Joseph Keefe Fredericton, N.B, Canada VLTTW Viewer

For almost all of my 69 years, I have loved music. When I heard certain artists, I would think to myself “Hey - they are saying exactly what I would be saying if only I could sing.” No matter that the voice may have come from Ray Charles, or James Brown, or any number of other (mostly) African-American masters who had relatively little connection with a white kid from Buffalo, New York (who seemed to have a natural affinity for R&B). So I did the best I could: I sang - or tried to sing - in cars with the windows rolled up on the freeway where no one could hear my feeble attempts to duplicate the artistry that I heard in every raspy note. I wasn’t talented, wasn’t African-American, and wasn’t a singer!

When I was 35, I learned how to whistle. I mean, I learned how to do a REAL whistle. The kind of whistle that will get you a cab in midtown Manhattan on a rainy day. It happened because I saw a book in the University of Washington bookstore about WHISTLING. I had ALWAYS wanted to be able to whistle. It may seem trivial to most, but for me, it was a momentous event. I learned that it WAS indeed possible to NAIL at least one of the things on my bucket-list.

One small step for mankind…

In my “retirement,“ I began to drive for UBER at night (The alternative was watching the nightly news on television. No contest). I found myself in a situation in which making strange noises became totally acceptable. After a few tries at online singing lessons, I discovered Justin. And that’s when everything changed!

After agonizing about spending MORE money on what I felt might be a vanity project, I took the risk of ordering the first part of Justin’s course. I downloaded the audio segments onto my iPhone and hit the streets. Between UBER customers, I could be found doing Justin’s vocal exercises, which I soon found was like eating potato chips; I would do one and immediately want to do another. They were kind of addictive.

Fast-forward three short months: I am now practicing the ADVANCED exercises, and am able to do many of them quite well. Somewhere, somehow, a beautiful natural vibrato seemed to materialize. There are moments now where I can actually express myself vocally. I am still very much a beginner, but very cool sounds seem to happen, filling my life with a new soundtrack that actually lifts my spirits as much as it does my vocal range. I have discovered a whole new world! And I can take this world with me wherever I go! It feels wonderful!

I guess I’m lucky. I have a situation that allows me to practice every day for at least one lesson (40 minutes). So I do put in the time. BUT, the fact that I find it so totally enjoyable is a testament to Justin! He is a master teacher. The lessons build on previous ones, and what started as kind of a lark has become a discipline. A part of my day that I look forward to. I really can’t say enough good things about this course. If anyone reading this is wondering if this is right for them - as there are alternatives - I’d tell them to look no further. This course will likely exceed all your expectations.

The adventure continues. I wish you all the wonderful experience with learning that I have had. All the best!

Jojim Nowak VLTTW Vocal Course User